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Evolutions Sports & Health Academy

Progress is Infinite

3 is the magic number

Date-May 2014

Evolution u14's secure the treble winning the league Cup today to complete a perfect season 0 game lost INVINCIBLES

Glory in cup final

Date- April 2014

Evolution FC u17's come back from behind in final to win the Selkent Cup

Evolution produces another academy boy

Date- February 2013

One of our players from or brilliant u12's side Tashane has been signed at Millwall FC football.

We wish the young future star a prosperous experience with Millwall FC well done!  

Evolution produces another academy boy

Date- Sunday 27th January 2013

One of our players from or brilliant u13's Hamed Timite side has been signed at Norwich City football.

We wish the young future star a prosperous experience with Norwich city well done!  

Winners All Round

Date- Monday May 25th 2012

Both of Evolution FC's u12 & u13 team have won there league this seasonand were well deserve victors.The u12's only losing one game all season!and the u13's scoring 102 goals!Well done! 


Date- Monday May 30th 2011

after a long hard season of dedication from our ESHA students we finish the season having 15 players signed to academy's. Well done lads!!!


Date- Friday 18th February 2011

Half term football training will be held for the 4-7 year olds from Monday 21st to Friday 25th

Date- Monday 30th August 2010

Throughout Autumn/winter term September 2010 - March 2011 ESHA will be using facilities at Elmgreen Secondary School and Sudbourne Primary School.

Date- Sunday 22nd August 2010

Wow! Already were closely entering the autumn/winter term!!!!

ESHA has had a prosperous Summer term with two ESHA football players being signed by Brentford Football Club.ESHA also found many players without a team local clubs to join! SUCCSESS!

Date- Thursday 1st April 2010

Evolution Sports & Health Academy will be coaching training sessions throughout the summer.

Sessions will resume from May 18th onwards

There will be trial opportunities at various clubs for players aged from 11 to 16

Everyone is welcome wether you play at an academy standard, or if you just want to try-out for a team or even if you just want extra training. It is a good chance to keep up your fitness as the football season is ending an there are no matches to play!

If you wish to participate the days for each age group can be found under Football Sessions