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Evolutions Sports & Health Academy

Progress is Infinite


Evolution Fc u12's

Saturday B league

21/09/13 (H)

Evolution FC 8-3 FC Porto

Goals-Asher Nico Tom Anuarx2 Miles Aiven Akin

Assists -Anuar x3 Asher Miles Aiven

MOM- Anuar

05/10/13 (H)

Evolution FC 5-0 Sporting Duet

Goals - Anuar, Tom, Rishan, Aiven, OG

Assists - Anuar, Tom x2, Asher, Akin

MOM - Oliver L

12/10/13 (A)

Raising stars 2-4 Evolution FC

Goals - Anuar x3, Nat

Assists - Akin, Tom, Aiven

MoM Anuar

02/11/13 (H)

Evolution FC 8-0 Greenhouse Bethwin

Goals- Bayx3, Anuarx2, Akin, Mohammedx2

Assists- Anuarx2, Finlay, Rado, Mohammed, Oliver, Akin

MOM- Bay

16/11/13 (A)

Broomwood Spitfires 2-8 Evolution FC

Goals - Akin, Mohammed, Miles, Tom, Rado, Asher, Bay Own Goal

Assists - Akinx2, Rado, Bay, Miles

MoM Akin

23/11/13 (H)

Evolution FC 3-3 Sporting Duet Tigers




30/11/13 (H)

Evolution FC 7-1 Athletico DFZ

Goals- Bay x2, Anuarx2, Nico, Farhen, Rado

Assists-Anuarx2, Aiven, Tom, Mohammed


07/12/13 (H)

Evolution FC 3-1 Bedhead Azzuri

Goals- Mohammed. Rado, Louis

Assists- Tom, Anuar

MOM- Eric

14/12/13 (A)

Mass 1-2 Evolution

Goals- Akin, Aiven

Assists - Bay. Mohammed

MOM- Louis

25/01/14 (A)

Bedhead Azzuri 2-1 Evolution

Goals- Aiven

Assists - Mohammed


08/02/14 (A)

Bedhead azzuri 4-1 Evolution

Goals- Mohammed

Assists -

MOM- Aiven

01/03/14 (A)

Sporting duet A-W Evolution

Goals- N/A

Assists N/A


15/03/14 (H)

Evolution 3-3 Mass

Goals- Anuar, Fahrenx2

Assists- Akinx2 Anuar

MOM- Fahren

22/03/14 (A)

Bedhead Sky 2-5 Evolution

Goals- Radox2 Fahrenx3

Assists - Billy, Akinx2 Fahren, Tom

MOM- Oliver

29/03/14 (H)

Evolution 6-3 Raising Stars

Goals- Tomx2, Rado, Mo, Aiven, Billy

Assists - Mox2, Rado, Tom,

MOM- Rado

12/04/14 (A) Double Header

Evolution 0-0 Independent


Assists -


Independent 0-2 Evolution

Goals- Asher, Mo

Assists - Rishan, Nat


Evolution Fc u13's

Saturday A league

21/09/13 (H)

Evolution FC 6-0 FFK

Goals- Andres, Alvin, Nehemiah, Daniel

Assists- Theo, Hezekiah, Andres, Kofi

MOM- Theo

28/09/13 (A)

Sporting Duet 3-0 Evolution FC

05/10/13 (H)

Evolution FC 2-5 Lambeth tigers

Goals - Ulukan, Hezekiah

Assists - Javier

MoM - Jacob

12/10/13 (A)

Greenhouse London 1-3 Evolution FC

Goals- Ulukan x2, o.g.

Assists- Jamil, Kofi

MoM- Jamil

19/10/13 (A)

Crawford FC 1-3 Evolution FC

Goals- Ulukan, Kofi x2

Assists- Andres

MoM- Kofi

26/10/13 (H)

Evolution FC 0-6 Wandsworth Town FC

Goals -

Assists -

MoM - Shakiel

02/11/13 (A)

Club Santacruzense 4-8 Evolution FC

Goals- Theo, Danielx2, Nehemiahx2, Alvin, Andres, Javier

Assists- Alvinx2, Daniel, Ulucan, Olivia. Jamil

MoM- Daniel

09/11/13 (A)

Wandsworth Town FC 4-2 Evolution FC

Goals- Kofi, Own goal


MoM- Jamil

16/11/13 (H)

Evolution FC 6-1 Ravenscourt Park FC

Goals - Kofix3, Javierx2, Ulukan

Assists - Jamil, Daniel, Javier,

MoM - Kofi

23/11/13 (A)

Bedhead Blue 4-1 Evolution FC

Goals- Ulukan

Assists- Andres

MoM- Shakiel

07/12/13 (A)

Lambeth Tigers 2-3 Evolution FC

Goals- Jacob, Ullucan, Javier


MoM- Team

14/12/13 (H)

Evolution FC 4-0 Sportin Duet

Goals- Ullucanx2 Javierx2

Assists- Daniel

MoM- Shakiel

08/03/14 (A)

FFK 4-4 Evolution

Goals- Jamil, Olivia, Daniel, Jahzi

Assists- Andres, Javierx2

MoM- Jahzi

22/02/14 (A)

Ravescourt 3-6 Evolution

Goals- Ullucanx2, Kofix2, Olivia, Andres

Assists- Daniel, Olivia, Andres


15/03/14 (A)

Ravenscourt park 1-7 Evolution

Goals- Kofix2, Oliviax2, Danielx3

Assists- Danielx4 Kofi

MoM- Daniel

22/03/14 (H)

Evolution FC 0-2 Greenhouse



MoM- Shakiel

22/03/14 (H)

Evolution FC 4-3 Clube santacruzense de londres

Goals- Tashane x3,



Evolution Fc u14's

Saturday A league

21/09/13 (A)

Evolution FC 2-2 MASS FC

Goals- David, Freddy

Assists- David

MOM- David

28/09/13 (H)

Evolution FC 3-2 St Matthews

Goals- Freddy x2, David

Assists- Abe x2, Freddy

MOM- Freddy & Will

05/10/13 (H)

Evolution FC 4-4 Lambeth Tigers

Goals - Freddy, Davidx2, Abe (pen)

Assists - Hamzah x2, Abe

MoM - Team

12/10/13 (A)

WestsideFC 1-9 Evolution FC

Goals-Own goal,Hamzahx4,Freddyx2, David,Donell

Assists-Freddyx3,Jevontae,Abex2, Donell,Will


19/10/13 (H)

Evolution FC 19-1 Lambeth Allstars

Goals- Donellx3 Freddyx5 Javontaex2 Abe Nathan Davidx2 Nicolasx4 Tyrese

Assists-Abex5 Josephx5 Nathanx2 Freddy Donellx2 David


26/10/13 (A)

Broomwood Barbarians 1-7 Evolution FC

Goals-Hamzah, Abex2 Jevontea, Freddy, Davidx2

Assists- Joseph, Jevonteax2, David


02/11/13 (A)

Bedhead 0-6 Evolution FC

Goals- Davidx2, Freddy, Hamzah, Abe

Assists- Abex2, Joseph, David

MoM- Louis & Tarrik

09/11/13 (A)

Sporting Duet 1-16 Evolution FC

Goals- Freddyx6, Davidx5, Will, Hamzah, Tyrese, Karl, Joseph

Assists- Abex5, David, Freddyx2, Donell, Hamzahx2, Karl, Joseph, Jevonteax2, Tyan,

MoM- Team

16/11/13 (H)

Evolution FC 4-3 MASS FC

Goals- Freddy Davidx2 Abe


MoM- Joseph & Hamzah

23/11/13 (H)

Evolution H-W Lambeth Allstars

Goals- N/A

Assist- N/A

MoM- N/A

07/12/13 (H)

Evolution H-W Leyton utd youth

Goals- N/A

Assist- N/A

MoM- N/A

08/03/14 (H)

Evolution 8-1 Greenhouse

Goals- Freddyx2 Hamed, Louis (pen), Donell, Abe, David, Javontae

Assist- David, Donell, Hamzah, Freddy, Tyrese

MoM- Hamed

15/03/14 (H) SEMI-FINAL

Evolution 2-1 Lambeth Tigers

Goals- Abe (pen), Hamzah

Assist- Javintea

MoM- Abe

29/03/14 (A)

Lambeth Tigers 1-2 Evolution FC

Goals- Freddy, Hamzah

Assist- Louis


05/04/14 (neutral ground) FINAL

Evolution 4-1 Providence House




12/04/14 (H) SEMI FINAL

Evolution 3-2 Lambeth Tigers

Goals- David, Freddy, Hamzah

Assist- David, Freddy

MoM- Tarrik

Evolution Fc u15's

Sunday Selkent A league

15/09/13 (A)

HF Sports Paulista Asps 2-5 Evolution FC

Goals-Ryver,Josh x4

Assist- Daniel,Alex,Omar

MOM- Josh

22/09/13 (H)

Evolution FC 10-0 Pettswood FC

Goals- Adeseye, joshx2, Edward, Daniel, Antonio, Seyoum, Ryverx2 Joel

Assists- G.Warner2, Adeseye, Ryver, Antoniox2, Seyoumx2 Josh, Kiki


06/10/13 (H)

Evolution FC 2-0 Athenlay FC

Goals - Josh, Antonio

Assists - Daniel

Mom - George Carling

27/10/13 (H)

Evolution FC 1-3 Parkwood Rangers

Goals - Ryver

Assists - Antonio

Mom - Alex and George

03/11/13 (H)

Evolution FC 6-1 Beacons FC

Goals - Antoniox2, Ryverx2, Josh, Abraham

Assists - Abraham, Daniel, johannes

Mom - Abraham

17/11/13 (H)

Evolution FC 2-1 HF Sports Paulista Asps

Goals - Chrisx2

Assists - Josh

Mom - Alex

24/11/13 (H)

Evolution FC 1-1 Park Langley

Goals - Antonio

Assists - Abraham

Mom - Alex

08/12/13 (H)

Evolution FC 1-5 Carshalton Ath

Goals - Josh

Assists -

Mom -

15/12/13 (H)

Evolution FC 2-8 Athenlay Rye

Goals - Josh, Alex

Assists - Antonio, Abe

Mom - Alex

12/01/14 (A)

Park Langley 4-4 Evolution FC

Goals - Josh, Alex, Antonio, George.W

Assists - George.W, Ryver, Abe, Josh

Mom - Alex

02/03/14 (A)

Beacons Red 1-3 Evolution FC

Goals - Seye, Josh, Ryver

Assists - Josh, Yhaha

Mom -

09/03/14 (H)

Evolution FC 2-1 Bexley FC

Goals -

Assists -

Mom -

16/03/14 (A)

Hillyfielder H 1-1 Evolution FC

Goals -

Assists -

Mom -

23/03/14 (H)

Evolution FC 1-1 HF Sports ASPS

Goals -

Assists -

Mom -

30/03/14 (A)

Athenlay FC 2-3 Evolution FC

Goals -

Assists -

Mom -

06/04/14 (A)

Parkwood Rangers 7-2 Evolution FC

Goals - Alex, Antontio

Assists -

Mom -

13/04/14 (A)

Bexley FC H-W Evolution FC

Goals -

Assists -

Mom - 

Evolution Fc u17's

Sunday Selkent A league

15/09/13 (A)

Pheonix S Tigers 1-2 Evolution FC

Goals-Dominic x2



22/09/13 (A)

Haydon Youth 0-6 Evolution FC

Goals- Grant, Samuelx3, Dominic, Luke

Assists-Edson, Lukex2, Dominic, Victor, Samuel

MOM- Josh

29/09/13 (A)

Pettswood 0-2 Evolution FC

Goals- Josh, Edson

Assists- Victor, Jordon

MOM- Jeffrey

06/10/13 (H)

Evolution FC 4-1 Bermondsey

Goals - Samuel x2 (1pen), Tayo, Joseph

Assists - Victor, Joseph, Yoaan

Mom -Jeffrey

13/10/13 (A)

Welling Utd Red 2-1 Evolution FC

Goals- Domonic

MOM- Torin

20/10/13 (A)

Lessa Albion 1-2 Evolution FC

Goals- Josephx2

Assists- Tayo, Edson

MoM- Edson

27/10/13 (H)

Evolution FC 7-1 Welling utd

Goals - Victorx3, Domonicx2, Edson, Tayo

Assists - Edson, Victor, Joseph, Josh, Domonic

MoM - ?

03/11/13 (H)

Evolution FC 3-2 Legions FC

Goals - Edson, Luke, Domonic

Assists - Joseph, Victor

Mom - Edson & Luke

03/11/13 (A)

Barking Juniors FC 3-0 Evolution FC

Goals -

Assists -

Mom - 

17/11/13 (A)

Villacourt Blue 0-6 Evolution FC

Goals- Lukex2 Victor, Joseph, Grant, Josh

Assists- Lukex3, Joseph, Kevin, Victor

MoM- Jordon

24/11/13 (H)

Evolution FC 4-1 Pheonix Lions

Goals - Lukex2, Dominic, Josh

Assists - Josephx2, Tayo

Mom - Lukw & Torin

01/12/13 (H)

Evolution FC 1-1 Welling Utd Red

Goals - Jordon

Assists - Dominic

Mom - Edson

08/12/13 (H)

Evolution FC 1-0 Petts Wood Hawks

Goals - Joseph

Assists - Abdullahi

Mom -Joseph


Palace Guard 0-7 Evolution FC

Goals - Luke,Jeff,Domonic,Tayo,Kevin,Yoaan,Grant

Assists - Abdulx2 Luke, Victor, Josh, Morgan, Dominic

Mom - Morgon

13/04/14 (H)

Evolution FC 4-0 Bermondsey Colts

Goals -

Assists -

Mom -

02/03/14 (A)

Welling Utd Red 3-0 Evolution FC

Goals -

Assists -

Mom -

16/03/14 (H)

Evolution FC 1-2 Lessa Albion

Goals -

Assists -

Mom -

23/03/14 (A)

Elmstead 1-2 Evolution FC

Goals - Joseph, Domonic

Assists -

Mom -Kevin 

30/03/14 (A)

Legions FC A-W Evolution FC

Goals -

Assists -

Mom -

06/04/14 (A)

Pheonix Lions H-W Evolution FC

Goals -

Assists -

Mom -

13/04/14 (A)

Bermondsey Colts 0-4 Evolution FC

Goals - Samuelx2, Tayo, Victorx2

Assists - Dominicx2, Luke, Jordan

Mom -Tayo